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Everything you say is Public Relations! We help your brand communicate with society.

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Why us?

We are a full service communication agency, which offers a complete marketing mix that covers all the sectors in the market. From areas like wellness, fashion, tourism to sectors like law, tech, medicine, banking or even agriculture. Here we are. At RedTea PR we firmly believe businesses need, in the first place, someone to understand them.

What we do?

What are your benefits?

RedTea PR is everything you need to create brand awareness!

Imagine us like your magic tool that represent you in the entire world. Here, we gather our ideas to put at your disposal all the solutions available in the market and „spread the word” about you.

Are you looking for a partner that really gets the market?

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Our websites are incredibly beautiful and fully responsive

We are WordPress specialists. We chose WordPress because we know how easy it will be for you to use it, being one of the most user friendly platforms in the world for developing websites at the current moment.

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