Husqvarna Living City: How does the city of the future looks like?

Although landscape architecture is a relatively new field in Romania, taking into account that  barely in 2014 the landscape architect appeared in the nomenclature of jobs, various responsibilities fall on the shoulders of professionals, from identifying solutions to reduce carbon emissions to improving the urban environment. 

How can satellite data facilitate better tree maintenance? How can connectivity improve parks, sports fields, forests and urban farms? Or how green are cities around the world, really? Such topics were addressed at Living City – the international conference organized by Husqvarna this year, in a digital format, where there were talks on the subject of the sustainability of future green spaces. During the event, professionals and scientists shared their knowledge and presented their ideas on the future of sustainable (urban) ecological maintenance and tree care around the world. Also, during the event, Husqvarna revealed their latest top technologies that will make their appearance on the Romanian market, such as HUGSI – Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index – an AI satellite solution that quantifies the greenery of cities around the world by observing green spaces – by above, in order to ensure and improve the growth and maintenance of green spaces in urban areas.

How green are the cities really?

Analyzing the lands in urban areas and segmenting them into three categories: vegetation (trees and plants), water and others (houses, roads) HUGSI shows that:

  • Global urban areas are 39% green
  • The greenest are the urban spaces in European countries: 45% green spaces.
  • Latin America and South and West Asia have the least green space – 29% respectively

Are cities becoming greener?

Beyond agricultural areas, comparing land in urban areas, statistics for 2018 and 2019 show that both positive and negative changes in vegetation have been identified:

  • Compared to 2018, the urban vegetation decreased by -0.01%, meaning 14 million m2
  • Central East Asia (China) has a vegetation decline of 52 million m2
  • Europe, Latin America, North America and South and West Asia have increased their green space by over 40 million m2

Husqvarna, the company that positions itself as a major player in sustainability issues, differentiates itself from the competition with its own values and innovations. For example, Husqvarna EPOS technology – is the first to develop virtual boundaries for robotic lawn mowers. At the same time, during the Husqvarna Living City event, the new professional robotic lawn mower Husqvarna CEORA was presented – which will manage grasslands of up to 50,000 sqm and will be available in 2022.

Originally titled Silent City, the annual conference organized by Husqvarna was previously held in Antwerp, Belgium (2015), Stockholm, Sweden (2016), Edinburgh, Scotland (2017) and Hamburg, Germany (2018). In the fall of 2019, the conference took place in Gothenburg, Sweden – and changed its name from Silent City to Living City.

Locally, the woodworking machinery and garden care market in which Husqvarna has been operating for almost 30 years has matured considerably.

“If in the forestry field, our equipment was known and appreciated since the ’90s, the gardening sector was in the shade for many years. This has changed especially in the last five years, where we have noticed a great increase in interest in equipment dedicated to the care of green space “, says Emil Țînț, the CEO of the local subsidiary Husqvarna, a business of 22.2 million euros in 2019.

Next year, Husqvarna will invest in building new stores in Romania and in improving the existing ones. As for the most sought-after Husqvarna products on the Romanian market, Emil Țînț states: this growth will certainly continue in the next period. “

With over 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, park and garden equipment. The company offers a wide and constantly evolving range of machinery and accessories, from chainsaws and disc mowers to robotic lawn mowers.



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